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What some of my clients have to say
about our work in therapy together:

"My trauma has healed in ways I never thought possible for me and I have grown so much. It’s usually terrifying to have to share my story but [Rachel] made me feel so safe right from the start that it has been a non issue for me to share and feel so supported and genuinely cared for. I feel that she has done wonderfully with giving me a space to freely explore and process, and I feel able to do so because of how great she listens to me.  It has allowed for me to be able to deepen my processing with my past traumas, and allowed for me to feel much more comfortable in my skin and thoughts. I love that she always asks me and guides me throughout her decisions for my treatment. She even goes a step further by providing me with items that can better my understanding of what we’re working on (like articles and videos)."

"Rachel saved my life. I was suicidal, depressed, anxious, lost, empty, broken. I had never experienced a safe space to digest all my trauma and learn to love myself and accept who I am in the process. I am a different person than I was before I starting seeing her. I am happy and healthy now and Rachel has been with me through every season of growth and change. "


"Rachel has provided so many helpful resources, books, articles, teas, support groups, the list is endless. She has given me an immense amount of support because she is so knowledgable and aware of all the different tools different people may need. I have learned to love myself, learned to manage my anxiety and depression, learned to foster healthy relationships, learned how to love myself as a mother and accept myself as I am. Rachel has supported me towards every goal of positive change. She accepted me as I was every step of the way. Because of the way she continued to see so much potential in me, gave me the eyes to see it for myself."

"Rachel is always very present and is focused on what I have to say. I always feel heard and that is a huge gift to me. Rachel is always respectful of me and my perspective. She is never judgmental or insensitive. These techniques (EMDR and brainspotting) have been transformational for my life and my healing journey. Rachel is always so thoughtful when guiding me through these techniques and is so supportive and caring when big emotions are brought up. These techniques have decreased my stress levels and anxiety and resolved so many big hurdles for me.  Rachel is always so respectful and ensures that everything is my decision or has my full consent. She is never pushy and always gives clear reasons why she is suggesting a treatment. I always feel safe and know that I am in the drivers seat of my treatment and care. Rachel is completely nonjudgemental. I feel so safe telling her anything. She always makes me feel seen, heard, and respected no matter my choices. I feel she supports me completely.    I have completely changed the way I communicate because of therapy and have better language to describe myself, my feelings, and how to best convey my thoughts and feelings to others. I feel so safe with Rachel. She makes you feel like you are home. I can tell her anything and I will be met with support, care, and honesty. I always feel like Rachel is on my side and wants what's best for me and what I want for myself. She is always supportive of my choices and makes me feel empowered to do what's best for me. Rachel does make me feel like she truly cares about me. I feel so safe and empowered to share my story and whatever I am going though. I know it will be met with true care and compassion. My life has completely changed because of the insights and positive changes that have come as a result of therapy. Its been a miraculous journey and I can't wait to see what comes next as I continue growing and healing."

“Rachel carries an open and accepting heart and it shows in her work. Rachel even remembers and reflects on topics that I forgot we had discussed. Even though the [Brainspotting and EMDR] sessions are painful in the moment, I have found healing and acceptance through these techniques. The therapies are never done in an environment that doesn’t feel supported or safe. Rachel has taught me that trauma and healing comes in waves and she is an advocate and supporter of me finding my true self."

"Our family is doing so well since therapy. My kids can communicate their feelings with me and I can communicate well with them now. We do art as a family and have continued to use that as a form of relaxation and communication. I can tell that she honestly cares about me as a person and is genuinely interested in my family’s well being. Even though I judged myself so harshly, Rachel was always kind and I never felt judged at all. She is amazing and listens to me and my children. The techniques she used have been very helpful for my kids."

"Rachel did a great job teaching me different tools to help regulate myself! She was very kind and validating. I enjoyed using brainspotting with her because I felt like it was a more productive use of time. Overall, Rachel was greatly supportive and always made me feel safe. Rachel has always been open minded and accepting of my identity. She cares about my well-being and is nonjudgmental of my choices. Rachel makes me feel safe and heard! She has helped me practice advocating for myself and always respects my feelings and consent."


"Each session is a safe space for healing. I have learned to set boundaries and find my voice to advocate for myself. I feel so seen by Rachel even in the midst of this crazy, chaotic world."


"She has helped me navigate my own identities in gender and sexuality without judgement. Rachel is very professional and knowledgeable, and has helped me apply EMDR and brainspotting techniques to my everyday coping skills. Rachel has helped me develop my own communication style and become comfortable advocating for myself."

"[Rachel] gets on things right away and keeps the process moving. [She] is always willing to try new things when something isn't working. [She] always asks for consent when consulting or making decisions about new approaches. I feel safe talking to her about anything. [She is] extremely validating and open and very respectful of LGBTQ+ people. The tools and techniques [Brainspotting and EMDR] are

more effective than any other therapy I've tried."


"Rachel is the only therapist I’ve had that I’ve felt comfortable to share deeply with. She is caring, thoughtful, and a great problem solver. Her empathy is unmatched! I appreciate her help so much."

"[Rachel] listens and understands me. She critically listens and digests and repeats back what she heard to make sure she understand properly. Brainspotting and EMDR have made me feel less fearful of past situations and sometimes more relaxed immediately after the session.   She gives very helpful information on how to communicate effectively. I really feel cared for when she messages me after our session to check in. It shows she cares."


"[Rachel] listened to my heart and offered me genuine empathy and compassion. She has genuine interest in assisting me with my healing process and allowed me to share my heart with no hesitation. She has a lovely genuine interest in assisting souls to heal. Her knowledge and insight allow me to unfold and confront the inner pain with self-compassion and respect. She encourages me to drink lots of water and rest after my therapy sessions. The inner work was tough. [Since therapy,] I continue to practice assertive communication filled with respect.   I have learned to be patient with the unique timing of my life. She helped me to recognize my progress while appreciating all my efforts. Thank you Rachel for your unconditional support."



"I feel very well understood and also I understand everything that [Rachel] explains in our sessions. With EMDR and brainspotting, she asks me how it felt and what I experienced and suggest a given treatment based on my comments. For instance,  knowing where to find the [resource] spot on my own and doing so when needed outside of therapy. Brainspotting is an amazing tool! It is very helpful when I get examples of things I could use to communicate with my wife."



"She truly sees me and welcomes me as I am. She has so much knowledge and understanding of what she’s doing. It’s inspiring! I’ve been able to feel more comfortable with speaking up for myself and trusting others more when I share my thoughts and feelings. I know she truly cares. And that makes me feel like I can trust her with so much. I have gained insight and made positive changes as a result of therapy. Rachel has been such an amazing support and guide throughout my experiences. I can’t thank her enough for all that she does."



"I feel as though Rachel sees me the real me. She truly cares about me. Rachel never judges me. I can tell her anything about my identity. Rachel identified my PTSD and is very knowledgeable about how to treat it. I always leave having uncovered some valuable information about myself. Rachel knows how to ask questions in a way that is thought provoking so I can be part of my therapy. I feel There is nothing I could say to Rachel that would cause her to judge me. I feel completely safe to be who I am. Rachel is knowledgeable and current on therapies. I am learning to incorporate the tools she gives me into my life.  I am learning to stick up for myself in uncomfortable situations. I realize I have a voice I can use. I feel completely safe with Rachel. Rachel is 100% present when I am with her. She listens and really cares. I am learning to be kind to myself and not judge myself so harshly."

“With Rachel I feel as though I can say anything and I feel like I’m being heard. I have been through 10+ therapists and never received the amount of resourcing and suggestions I get now. Rachel listens to my concerns about treatments and we are able to figure a good path together. I feel normal again.

"I'm so thankful that I reached out for help following my incident. I can't thank Rachel enough for all she has done for me. Rachel was always so friendly and kind. She gave so much respect for what I was going through. She is a wonderful therapist and she helped me out so much. She was with me every step of the way. I always felt better after every meeting. All of the skills she taught me helped me out massively."

"Rachel is personable, responsive and easily approachable. She adjusts very well to needs and shows tremendous aptitude."

"Rachel provided me with a safe haven where I felt I could truly release everything and provided great support and comfort. She accepted my way of recovery. She was always there for me and always provided an outlet. She found great ways to connect and understand where I was coming from. With every passing visit it always seemed to get better and better and I slowly felt myself climbing back out of my hole. Thank you for everything."

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These testimonials were offered voluntarily and were not solicited. All participants provided informed consent for their comments to be included on this website. All identifying information has been removed to protect the confidentiality of the clients.

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