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child therapy

We specialize in child therapy with children of all ages. We use children's natural language, art and play in therapy. We have several Clinical Art Therapists on staff and our founder, Rachel, teaches all of our clinicians how to effectively use art therapy. We utilize all sorts of art materials including but not limited to clay, paint, collage, pastels, markers. 

If your child has been through a traumatic event or multiple adverse experiences, we can help them recover and work through their feelings about what happened so they can get back to being themselves again. We are effective in helping children process grief, trauma, feelings about transitions and changes in their lives. We can do EMDR and brainspotting in ways that are accessible and enjoyable for children with children to help them resolve trauma. 

We also work with children with anxiety who need to learn healthy coping skills to eventually be able to self soothe, We also love supporting parents and helping them co-regulate with their children and set boundaries in firm but loving ways. 

Rachel and Maggie work with children of all ages, and especially love working with preschool and early elementary children. Sara works with children 5-10 and teenagers.  Danny works with kids 9 and up and love working with preteens and teens.

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