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What clients have to say
about working with Sara:

“ Sara is very warm and friendly, which makes it easy to talk to her, even about difficult subjects”


“ Our sessions with Sara have helped me be more mindful of my partner's feelings and how to interact with them in a way that acknowledges that but also addresses my needs/feelings. Sara has helped us build up our communication with useful tools and methods that help us be better partners and individuals.”


“Many therapists I have seen in the past offered the same two or three coping methods, which never worked for me. Sara has shown me new ways of communication that increased my emotional vocabulary and knowledge. I feel like I am not just coping in the moment, but understanding myself better in the long run too.”

“ With other therapists, it was like banging on a blockaded door trying to get in. Sessions with Sara are more like navigating an ocean as the waves come and go, choosing which storms to sail towards or away from as our comfort level dictated.”

“It is so easy for me to get wrapped up in my own emotions and my side of the story that I neglected my partner's side of things and their feelings. Sara has been understanding to both me and my partner during our sessions, she never showed bias toward one side or another. This helped me personally to see my partner's perspective and realize the difficulties they faced.”

These testimonials were offered voluntarily and were not solicited. All participants provided informed consent for their comments to be included on this website. All identifying information has been removed to protect the confidentiality of the clients.

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