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effective, warm, attuned therapy
in Thousand Oaks 
& virtually for California residents.

we provide:  


trauma therapy

EMDR, Brainspotting & Somatic Experiencing 

clinical art therapy

with children as young as 3, teens & adults 

ketamine-assisted therapy

treatment for PTSD, anxiety, depression

sex & relationship therapy

recovery from sexual trauma or religious shame


couples therapy

to deepen emotional intimacy & improve communication

lgbtq+ affirmative therapy

queer therapists & therapists with specialized training

in working with this community

wellness workshops & day retreats


meet our team



founder of solstice therapy

Maggie Knobbe LMFT


Sara Lichstein LMFT


Danny Chulack LMFT


somatic therapy, EMDR, brainspotting

trauma recovery
somatic therapy,
emdr & brainspotting

sex therapy

sex & couples therapy

ketamine assisted therapy


art therapy

We use somatic therapy, Brainspotting and EMDR to treat trauma with clients of all ages including children. These modalities harness and taps into the body’s natural ability to heal. It is a neurophysiological therapy, meaning that it promotes healing in your brain and body, resulting in positive psychological impacts.

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clinical art therapy

Clinical art therapy brings traditional therapy methods together with art-making to help you process difficult feelings through embodied and nonverbal communication. 

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Rachel helps people who have been impacted by sexual violence recover from trauma and reconnect with their body's capacity for experiencing safety and pleasure. She helps couples deepen their emotional and physical intimacy and revitalize their sex life.

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For Ketamine assisted psychotherapy, 

ketamine taken sublingually is paired with therapy to increase therapy's effectiveness. Ketamine increases your brain's neuroplasticity which makes it easier to make the changes you want. Ketamine is also a rapid antidepressant. 

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child & teen therapy

We have a lot of experience  and specialization in working with children of all ages utilizing children's natural language of expression: art and play. 

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wellness retreats

community offerings

Nourishing day retreats and workshops to help you come home to yourself, connect with your body, deepen your expression and creativity and remember the earth as an ally. 

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formerly known as Thrive Art Therapy

We will support you as you
reclaim your power

lean into your body's innate ability to heal

explore the layers of your experience

deepen your creative expression

strengthen your relationships 

reconnect with your intuition

come home to yourself

We provide trauma therapy, EMDR, brainspotting, somatic therapy, and art therapy to people of all ages. We provide child therapy and all of our clinicians work with children. We use art and play therapy with children, We also utilize whole body somatic therapy approaches that go beyond simply talking about things. The methods we use allow you to release the impacts of challenging experiences and feel like yourself again.

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